This is our sixth event in the T3M series (program here). It will take place on on May 21th at 2:00pm It is co-hosted with the Structural Issue Seminar Series from Banque de France. Our speaker is Pablo Otonello.

Note that we will use the Banque de France conferencing system. It is mandatory to register at least one day before on the seminar’s website. You will then receive connection credentials by emails.

Immediately after the seminar, there will be 5 lightning talks, lasting 10min each. They will take place in the same conference room.

As usual, those interested can meet for a small coffee before on Gather Town. You can also join the webconference directly. In any case do not forget to register

Time (Paris)  
14h00 Casual Coffee (Gather Town)
14h30 Seminar: Pablo Otonello
15h30 Short Presentations
16h30 End

Pablo Otonello (University of Michigan) will present his paper: The Micro-Anatomy of Macro-Consumption Adjustments, joint with Rafael Guntin and Diego J. Perez.

The Lightning Talks will feature:

  • Anna Rogantini Picco (Sveriges Riksbank): Five Facts about the Distributional Income Effects of Monetary Policy with Niklas Amberg, Thomas Jansson and Mathias Klein.
  • Cristiano Cantore (Bank of England): A tail of labor supply and a tale of monetary policy with Filippo Ferroni, Haroon Mumtaz and Angeliki Theophilopoulou.
  • Nicolo Maffei: (Bocconi University) Nonlinear Financial Shocks with Mario Forni, Luca Gambetti and Luca Sala
  • Bruno Pellegrino (University of Maryland): Barriers to Global Capital Allocation with Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg
  • Eugenia Andreassen (Universidad De Chile): Beware the Side Effects: Capital Controls Cause Resource Misallocation and Large Welfare Costs, with S. Bauducco, E Dardati and E. Mendoza