This is our first event in the T3M series (preliminary program here).

It is co-hosted by Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) (regular seminar series here ).

Main Goal is to familiarize participants with Gather Town for social interaction.We will use it for all future events (poster sessions, parallel mini-sessions, …)

Meeting Point: on March 15th at 11am

Schedule (Paris Time)

11h00 Social Gathering (Gather Town)
11h30-12h45 Seminar: Evi Pappa

Evi Pappa will present her paper: What are the likely macroeconomic effects of the EU Recovery plan? Joint with Fabio Canova

We examine the dynamic macroeconomic effects of the two largest EU regional structural funds. On average, ERDF funds have significant positive short term consequences on regional macroeconomic variables but gains dissipate almost entirely within three years. ESF funds have negative impact effects on regional variables, but their average cumulative medium term mul- tipliers are positive and economically significant. We detect important regional asymmetries which may induce differential transition paths and outlooks for economic transformation. Lo- cation, level of development, EU tenure, Euro area membership and national borderes account for part of the asymmetries. We present a two-region equilibrium model with sticky prices and endogenous growth through investment in R&D and human capital that reproduces the facts and explains some of the observed asymmetries. The policy implications for the newly created Recovery fund are discussed.