T3M Conference in VR

Organizers: Stephan Tenza, Claire Bertrand, Pablo Winant


  • 4:00 - 4:20 : Free coffee and last minute VR clinic.
  • 4:30 : Start of the Workshop. Introductions.
  • 4:35 - 4:55 : Main lecture by Tom Sargent.
  • 5:00 - 5:50 : Short paper presentations.
  • 6:00 : End of the workshop. Victory song.

The schedule is indicative, and might be adjusted as we go.


The adress for attending the meeting has been sent by email. It should be already preconfigured in the headsets supplied by ESCP. As a last resort, a fallback option consists in using a modern webbrowser on a recent computer.

During the workshop, do not hesitate to take short breaks to get rid of VR fatigue

The precise autonomy of Oculus Quest II, is unknown, but estimated to be around 2 hours or less. Using the supplied battery charger, it takes around 2.5h to reach full charge. Make sure to charge the device before the conference…

All participants are invited to try the virtual space in advance during the upcoming days. Do not hesitate to contact pwinant@escp.eu or stenza@escp.eu for any help. We’ll be available any time on Monday and early Tuesday and can setup a short meeting with each participant to make sure everything is ok. When testing the VR space, ensure you can:

  • move as you wish (trigger to teleport, left joystick to rotate)
  • speak and hear correctly
  • (optional) draw on a white board

We are using the opensource platform Mozilla Hubs and if needed you can find additional information online: https://hubs.mozilla.com/docs/hubs-controls.html.

List of participants

Participants Institutions Presentation
Suman Basu IMF  
Cristiano Cantore Bank of England  
Edouard Challe European University Institute * (5min)
Nuno Coimbra Banque de France * (5min)
Axelle Ferrière Paris School of Economics  
Karine Gente AMSE  
Noémie Lisack Banque de France  
Antonio Mele London School of Economics  
Anton Nakov European Central Bank * (5min)
Sophie Osotimehin UQAM *
Céline Poilly AMSE  
Anna Rogantini Picco Sveriges Riksbank  
Elisabeth Proehl Amsterdam School of Economics  
Rana Sajedi Bank of England  
Tom Sargent NYU ** (<20min)
Fabien Tripier Université Paris-Saclay  
Pablo Winant ESCP / Ecole Polytechnique * (5min)
Shengxing Zhang London School of Economics *


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