Sessions Matrix

Day 1 Room 5.012 Room 5.018 Room 5.024 Room 3.014
Sessions A : 9:00-10:30 Business Cycles I Firms I International Economics I Monetary Policy I
Sessions B : 10:50-12:20 Young Economists Session Business Cycles II Labour I Heterogeneity I
Sessions C : 13:20-14:50 Firm’s Heterogeneity Methods Monetary Policy II International Economics II
Sessions D : 15:10-16:40 The Return of Inflation Climate I Other Firms II
Sessions E : 17:00-18:30 Inflation Financial Macroeconomics Labour II Climate II
Day 2 Room 5.012 Room 5.018 Room 5.024 Room 3.014
Sessions F : 10:50-12:20 Climate & Macroeconomics Business Cycles III International Economics III Monetary Policy III
Sessions G : 13:20-14:50 Energy Transition and Growth Heterogeneity III Labour III International Economics IV
Sessions H : 15:10-16:40 Exchange rate and capital flow policies with incomplete markets Heterogeneity II Fiscal Policy Inflation II
Sessions I : 17:00-18:30 Fiscal Policy II Financial Macroeconomics II International Economics V Monetary Policy IV

Sessions List

Parallel Sessions A

9:00-10:30 | Business Cycles I | Room 5.012

Session chair: Johannes Boehm

  • The Ends of 27 Big Depressions   by Martin Ellison
  • The Trilemma for Low Interest Rate Macroeconomics   by Jean-Baptiste Michau
  • Health and Business Cycles in General Equilibrium   by Alexey Khazanov
  • Implementing Helicopter Money with Negative Interest Rates: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment   by Johannes Boehm
9:00-10:30 | Firms I | Room 5.018

Session chair: Sophie Piton

  • Flexible Capital User Costs and Investment Dynamics with Non-Convex Adjustment Costs   by Eugene Tan
  • When should we tax firms? Optimal corporate taxation with firm heterogeneity   by Alaïs Martin-Baillon
  • Persistent Debt and Business Cycles in an Economy with Production Heterogeneity   by Soyoung Lee
  • Business creation during COVID-19   by Sophie Piton
9:00-10:30 | International Economics I | Room 5.024

Session chair: Pierre De Leo

  • Global Portfolios, Exchange Rates, and Monetary Policy   by Alejandro Van der Ghote
  • Capital Flows and Exchange Rates: A Quantitative Assessment of the Dilemma Hypothesis   by Shangshang Li
  • The Risk of Inflation Dispersion in the Euro Area   by Fabien Tripier
  • Learning from Exchange Rates and Foreign Exchange Interventions   by Pierre De Leo
9:00-10:30 | Monetary Policy I | Room 3.014

Session chair: Christophe Blot

  • Systematic Monetary Policy and the Effects of Government Spending   by Klodiana Istrefi
  • Effects and Spillovers of ECB Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy   by Daniele Siena
  • Costs of Leaning against the Wind: Evidence from High-Frequency Identification   by Larissa Schwaller
  • The puzzling effects of dissent in monetary policy committee   by Christophe Blot
Parallel Sessions B

10:50-12:20 | Young Economists Session | Room 5.012

Special session organized by Isabelle Méjean and sponsored by OFCE

  • The Price of Stability: Volatility and the Rise in Markups during the Great Moderation   by Giovanni Rizzi
  • The Effects of the Legal Minimum Working Time on Workers, Firms and the Labor Market   by Pauline Carry
  • Shopping, Demand Composition, and Equilibrium Prices   by Lukas Nord
10:50-12:20 | Business Cycles II | Room 5.018

Session chair: Margaret Davenport

  • Time Use and Macroeconomic Uncertainty   by Daniela Hauser
  • Disentangling the directions of technical change: a new growth accounting method   by Emilien Ravigné
  • Capital Gains Taxation, Learning and Bubbles   by Pau Belda
  • Granular Expectation Shocks and Financial Contagion   by Margaret Davenport
10:50-12:20 | Labour I | Room 5.024

Session chair: Alex Clymo

  • Self-Insurance and Welfare in Turbulent Labor Markets   by Alireza Sepahsalari
  • The Dark Shadow of LaborMarket Reforms in the Open Economy   by Brigitte Hochmuth
  • A Quantitative Theory of the New Life Cycle of Women’s Employment   by Lidia Cruces
  • Job Mobility and Unemployment Risk   by Alex Clymo
10:50-12:20 | Heterogeneity I | Room 3.014

Session chair: Kai Arvai

  • Consumption Choices and Earnings Expectations: Empirical Evidence and Structural Estimation   by Arne Uhlendorff
  • No taxation without reallocation: the distributional effects of tax changes   by Stephanie Ettmeier
  • Sectoral Exposure to Aggregate Fluctuations, Employment Risk and Monetary Policy   by Uros Herman
  • Consumption Inequality in the Digital Age   by Kai Arvai
Parallel Sessions C

13:20-14:50 | Firm’s Heterogeneity | Room 5.012

Special session organized by Lorenza Rossi

  • Firm Heterogeneity, Capital Misallocation and Optimal Monetary Policy   by Dominik Thaler
  • Firm Heterogeneity, Market Power and Macroeconomic Fragility   by Alessandro Ferrari
  • Labour Share Decline and Productivity Slowdown: A Micro-Macro Analysis of the Spain Economy   by Lorenza Rossi
  • Corporate Debt Maturity Matters For Monetary Policy   by Matthias Meier
13:20-14:50 | Methods | Room 5.018

Session chair: Matthias Rottner

  • State Reduction and Second-order Perturbations of Heterogeneous Agent Models   by Michael Reiter
  • Existence and Uniqueness of Recursive Equilibria with Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk   by Elisabeth Proehl
  • Indirect Inference: A Local Projection Approach   by Juan Castellanos
  • Estimating Nonlinear Heterogeneous Agents Models with Neural Networks   by Matthias Rottner
13:20-14:50 | Monetary Policy II | Room 5.024

Session chair: Alberto Polo

  • Monetary Asymmetries (with and) without Price Stickiness   by Ivan Jaccard
  • Monetary Policy Transmission and the Role of High-Quality Liquid Assets   by Juan Daniel Hernández
  • Firm Financial Conditions and the Transmission of Monetary Policy   by Daniel Ostry
  • Imperfect Pass-Through to Deposit Rates and Monetary Policy Transmission   by Alberto Polo
13:20-14:50 | International Economics II | Room 3.014

Session chair: Nuno Coimbra

  • Dollar Debt and the Global Financial Cycle   by Paul Fontanier
  • Financial Integration and International Comovement -- The Terms of Trade Channel   by Johanna Krenz
  • Privilege Lost? The Rise and Fall of a Dominant Global Currency   by Nuno Coimbra
Parallel Sessions D

15:10-16:40 | The Return of Inflation | Room 5.012

Special session organized by Sarah Mouabbi and sponsored by Banque de France

  • The Fiscal Consequences of Missing an Inflation Target   by Michele Andreolli
  • Household beliefs about fiscal dominance   by Eric Mengus
  • Quantifying the Inflationary Impact of Fiscal Stimulus Under Supply Constraints   by Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
  • A Fiscal Theory of Trend Inflation   by Renato Faccini
15:10-16:40 | Climate I | Room 5.018

Session chair: Anne Ernst

  • Carbon taxation and precautionary savings   by Stefan Wöhrmüller
  • The Distributional Costs of Net-Zero: A Heterogeneous Agent Perspective   by Ghassane Benmir
  • The Macroeconomic and Redistributive Effects of Shielding Consumers from Rising Energy Prices: the French Experiment   by Selma Malmberg
  • Climate Clubbing, Trade and the Natural Interest Rate   by Anne Ernst
15:10-16:40 | Other | Room 5.024

Session chair: Raphael Abiry

  • Structural Change, Land Use and Urban Expansion   by Nicolas Coeurdacier
  • Aging Population and Technology Adoption   by Daniele Angelini
  • Demographic Change and Secular Trends in Interest Rates and Risk Premia   by Raphael Abiry
15:10-16:40 | Firms II | Room 3.014

Session chair: Marco Membretti

  • Optimal inflation with firm-level shocks   by Henning Weber
  • A Model of Zombie Firms and the Perils of Negative Real Interest Rates   by Guillaume Rocheteau
  • Entry cost shocks and the firm size distribution   by Marco Membretti
Parallel Sessions E

17:00-18:30 | Inflation | Room 5.012

Session chair: Anastasiia Antonova

  • Energy Price Shocks, Unemployment Risk, and Monetary Policy   by Nicolo' Gnocato
  • Redistribution and the wage-price dynamics: Optimal fiscal and monetary policy   by Xavier Ragot
  • Aggregate Implications of Heterogeneous Inflation Expectations: The Role of Individual Experience   by Esteban Verdugo
  • State-dependent pricing and cost-push inflation in a production network economy   by Anastasiia Antonova
17:00-18:30 | Financial Macroeconomics | Room 5.018

Session chair: Maurice Hofmann

  • Relationship Lending and Monetary Policy Pass-Through   by Pierre Dubuis
  • Unemployment Insurance and Macro-Financial (In)Stability   by Burhan Kuruscu
  • Rational Overoptimism and Limited Liability   by Luca Gemmi
  • Optimal Income Taxation with Housing and Leveraged Financial Investment along the Transition Path   by Maurice Hofmann
17:00-18:30 | Labour II | Room 5.024

Session chair: Johannes Gönnsch

  • The Network Origin of Slow Labor Reallocation   by Leonard Bocquet
  • The Nash Wage Elasticity and its Business Cycle Implications   by Matthew Knowles
  • The Quality-Adjusted Cyclical Price of Labor   by Marianna Kudlyak
  • Wage Bargaining and Labor Market Policy with Biased Expectations   by Johannes Gönnsch
17:00-18:30 | Climate II | Room 3.014

Session chair: Matthias Kaldorf

  • Climate Policies, Macroprudential Regulation, and the Welfare Cost of Business Cycles   by Francesca Diluiso
  • Decomposing the Inflation Response to Natural Disasters   by Paul Vertier
  • Does Monetary Policy Shape Oil Shocks’ Effects?   by Dmitriy Sergeyev
  • Climate Change and the Macroeconomics of Bank Capital Regulation   by Matthias Kaldorf
Parallel Sessions F

10:50-12:20 | Climate & Macroeconomics | Room 5.012

Special session organized by Fanny Henriet

  • Carbon taxation and income distribution: Importance of nonlinear Engel curves   by Armon Rezaï
  • Fiscal Policy and Climate Change   by Aurélien Saussay
  • The Macroeconomic Consequences of the Energy Transition: the Role of Capital Stocks and Rigidities   by Noëmie Lisack
10:50-12:20 | Business Cycles III | Room 5.018

Session chair: Marlène Isoré

  • Nonlinearities with de-anchored inflation expectations   by Stefano Fasani
  • Business Cycles, Uncertain Growth and the Distribution of Production   by Aubhik Khan
  • Corporate Taxes, Productivity, and Business Dynamism   by Andrea Colciago
  • Markup Cyclicality: Extreme Value Theory within a Macroeconomic Framework   by Marlène Isoré
10:50-12:20 | International Economics III | Room 5.024

Session chair: Michael Kumhof

  • Monetary Policy in a Dollarized Economy   by Sébastien Lotz
  • Helicopter drops in open economy when markets are incomplete   by Sara Eugeni
  • CBDC Policies in Open Economies   by Michael Kumhof
10:50-12:20 | Monetary Policy III | Room 3.014

Session chair: Antoine Camous

  • Gibson’s Paradox and the Natural Rate of Interest   by Luca Benati
  • New Principles For Stabilization Policy   by Olivier Loisel
  • Transaction value and money   by Alessandro Gioffré
  • Mumbling Monetary Theory   by Antoine Camous
Parallel Sessions G

13:20-14:50 | Energy Transition and Growth | Room 5.012

Special session organized by Antonia Diaz and sponsored by CEPREMAP

  • Vintage Capital Investment and Aggregate Energy Use Fluctuations   by Luis Puch
  • Renewable Technology Adoption Costs and Economic Growth   by Bernardino Adao
  • The green metamorphosis of a small open economy   by Hernan Seoane
13:20-14:50 | Heterogeneity III | Room 5.018

Session chair: Vedanta Dhamija

  • A HANK Model with Monetary Search Frictions   by Joël Marbet
  • Monetary Policy, Firm Heterogeneity, and the Distribution of Investment Rates   by Matthias Gnewuch
  • Asset Supply and Liquidity Transformation in HANK   by Piotr Zoch
  • Dual Mandate in THANK: Case for price-level targeting   by Vedanta Dhamija
13:20-14:50 | Labour III | Room 5.024

Session chair: Normann Rion

  • On-job search and wage growth   by Mykhailo Matvieiev
  • Understanding Cross-country Differences in Health Status and Expenditures: Health Prices Matter   by Thepthida Sopraseuth
  • Do Firing Costs Change Wages of Low and High Educated Workers Differently?   by Jhon Jair Gonzalez Pulgarin
  • Fluctuations in a Dual Labor Market   by Normann Rion
13:20-14:50 | International Economics IV | Room 3.014

Session chair: Francesco Pappada

  • Demand learning, customer capital, and exporter dynamics   by Nicholas Kozeniauskas
  • Why does risk matter more in recessions than in expansions?   by Giovanni Caggiano
  • The Causal Effects of Global Supply Chain Disruption on Macroeconomic Outcomes: Theory and Evidence   by Yiliang Li
  • Optimal Monetary Policy, Tariff Shocks and Exporter Dynamics   by Francesco Pappada
Parallel Sessions H

15:10-16:40 | Exchange rate and capital flow policies with incomplete markets | Room 5.012

Special session organized by Kenza Benhima

  • Optimal Exchange Rate Policy   by Dmitry Mukhin
  • Foreign Exchange Intervention with UIP and CIP Deviations: The Case of Small Safe Haven Economies   by Kenza Benhima
  • Monetary Policy, Capital Controls, and International Portfolios   by Sebastian Fanelli
  • Capital flows and monetary policy trade-offs in emerging market economies   by Paolo Cavalino
15:10-16:40 | Heterogeneity II | Room 5.018

Session chair: Jonna Olsson

  • Heterogeneity in MPCs Beyond Liquidity Constraints: The Role of Persistent Earnings   by Jeanne Commault
  • Make-Up Strategies with Incomplete Markets and Bounded Rationality   by Joost Roettger
  • The Composition and Distribution of Wealth and Aggregate Consumption Dynamics   by Baxter Robinson
  • Subjective Life Expectancies, Time Preference Heterogeneity, and Wealth Inequality   by Jonna Olsson
15:10-16:40 | Fiscal Policy | Room 5.024

Session chair: Youngsoo Jang

  • Government Debt Management and Inflation with Real and Nominal Bonds   by Vytautas Valaitis
  • Debt crises, fast and slow   by Seung Hyun Maeng
  • Optimal Public Debt with Labor-Market Frictions   by Caio Bloise
  • On the Time Consistency of Universal Basic Income   by Youngsoo Jang
15:10-16:40 | Inflation II | Room 3.014

Session chair: Gabriel Züllig

  • Inflation Persistence, Noisy Information, and the Phillips Curve   by José-Elías Gallegos
  • Shock Transmissions in Different Inflation Regimes   by Zeno Enders
  • Low Passthrough from Inflation Expectations to Income Growth Expectations: Why People Dislike Inflation   by Ina Hajdini
  • Consumer memory, inflation expectations and the interpretation of shocks   by Gabriel Züllig
Parallel Sessions I

17:00-18:30 | Fiscal Policy II | Room 5.012

Session chair: Daniel Murphy

  • Estimating the Effects of Government Spending Through the Production Network   by Matteo Cacciatore
  • For whom the bill tolls: redistributive consequences of the pandemic policy mix   by Michał Brzoza-Brzezina
  • The Importance of Modeling Income Taxes over Time: U.S. Reforms and Outcomes   by Nicolo Russo
  • Demand Stimulus as Social Policy   by Daniel Murphy
17:00-18:30 | Financial Macroeconomics II | Room 5.018

Session chair: Valere Fourel

  • From Sovereign to Corporate Risk: The Driving Role of Financial Uncertainty   by Inès Mourelon
  • Macro-Financial Trends in a Model with Concentrated Ownership of Capital   by Francesco Saverio Gaudio
  • Announcement and Implementation Effects of Central Bank Asset Purchases   by Antonio Conti
  • The impact of the PEPP on the corporate commercial paper market   by Valere Fourel
17:00-18:30 | International Economics V | Room 5.024

Session chair: Andreas Westermark

  • The Origins of Commodity Price Fluctuations   by Sarah Mouabbi
  • International Trade and Macroeconomic Dynamics with Sanctions   by Galip Kemal Ozhan
  • Dynamic macroeconomic implications of migration   by Andreas Westermark
17:00-18:30 | Monetary Policy IV | Room 3.014

Session chair: Lingsi Wei

  • Optimal Monetary Policy in an Estimated SIR Model   by Gauthier Vermandel
  • Optimal Monetary Policy with and without Debt   by Lukas Vogel
  • Optimal Macro-prudential Policies with Endogenous Collateral Constraints   by Lingsi Wei